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What is Silicon nitride used for?

Silicon nitride is a kind of ceramic material with excellent thermal and chemical properties, which has high hardness, stable structure, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. TRUNNANO silicon nitride ceramic powder has high purity, high nitrogen content, narrow particle size distribution, high sintering activity, stable chemical composition, resistance to decomposition, high temperature oxidation resistance, especially high temperature strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, good heat resistance, impact resistance and self-lubricating effect. It forms fine dispersion phase in the composites, which greatly improves the comprehensive properties of the composites.


Silicon nitride Properties

High mechanical strength, hardness close to corundum, self-lubricating, wear resistance. The bending strength at room temperature can be as high as more than 980MPa, which can be compared with that of alloy steel, and the strength can be maintained until 1200 .

It has good thermal stability, small coefficient of thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, so the thermal shock resistance is very good, and the thermal shock from room temperature to 1000 will not crack.

It is chemically stable and can withstand the corrosion of almost all inorganic acids (except HF) and caustic soda (NaOH) solutions with concentrations below 30%. It can also withstand the erosion of many organic substances, does not wet a variety of non-ferrous metal melts (especially liquid aluminum), and can withstand intense radiation.

The density is low, the specific gravity is small, only the steel 2pg 5, the electrical insulation is good.


What is Silicon nitride used for?

Ceramic grade silicon nitride. Mainly used for making high performance silicon nitride ceramic structures, silicon nitride ceramic balls, silicon nitride targets, etc.

Photovoltaic grade silicon nitride with a purity of more than 99.99% can be used in fields such as crucible coating (release agent) and high performance nitride phosphors for polysilicon ingots.

The parts of thermal equipment such as crucible, muffle furnace, combustion nozzle, heater fixture, casting mold, liquid aluminum conduit, thermocouple temperature measuring protection sleeve, aluminum reduction cell lining and so on are made in metallurgical industry.

High-speed turning tools, bearings, supports for heat treatment of metal parts, rotor engine scraping blades, guide blades of gas turbines and turbine blades are made in the mechanical industry.

Ball valves, pump bodies, sealing rings, filters, heat exchanger components, immobilized catalyst carriers, combustion boats, evaporation dishes, etc., are made in the chemical industry.

In semiconductor, aviation, atomic energy and other industries, it is used to manufacture switching circuit substrates, thin film capacitors, electrical insulators withstanding high temperatures or drastic changes in temperature, radar radome, missile tail nozzles, supports and isolators in atomic reactors, carriers of nuclear fission material, etc.

Automotive industry:

The biggest application of silicon nitride is in the automotive industry, especially in various wear and combustion parts of reciprocating engines, in which high temperature stress is common. In diesel engines, silicon nitride is used in electric plugs (to speed up start-up time), precombustion chambers (to reduce emissions or act as silencers) and turbochargers (to reduce engine lag). Silicon nitride is also used in cam followers, tappet gaskets, precision shafts and shafts.


In high temperature applications, silicon nitride ceramic balls and roller bearings are superior to steel. This extends the life of the bearing at higher speeds because it has better corrosion resistance. Compared with steel, its higher elastic modulus indicates that it has higher rigidity, so it produces smooth motion and less vibration with the contact surface.


Silicon nitride is also used in metal cutting tools for cast iron, hard steel and nickel-based alloys because of its hardness, fracture toughness and thermal shock resistance.

Industrial applications:

Used to deal with molten metal-metal parts are usually not suitable for handling molten metal. Welding fixtures / locators, nozzles, cylinder wall coatings, turbine rotors, blades, rocket pipes and missiles all use silicon nitride because of its strength, electrical properties and impact resistance. The application in aluminum casting industry also benefits from the good corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and thermal conductivity of silicon nitride. These include heating tubes, pump liners, risers and thermocouple protective jackets.


Development History of Silicon Nitride.

Silicon nitride Si3N4 is a non-metallic compound composed of silicon and nitrogen. It was first discovered in 1857. The first synthetic silicon nitride was developed by Deville and Wohler in 1859. Since its discovery, silicon nitride has been the curiosity of academia. For nearly a century, until the 1950s, commercial interests began to increase, and materials were developed for a variety of refractory applications. Significant advances in manufacturing processes between the 1970s and 1980s reduced the production cost of the compound and silicon nitride quickly gained a foothold in many industrial applications especially as structural ceramics. Also in the 1980s, global efforts began to expand the use of silicon nitride in internal combustion engines and high-temperature gas turbines. Over the years, with the further improvement of its synthesis, processing and properties, it has become one of the most studied ceramics in history. Due to the good research and understanding of its material properties, the commercial use of silicon nitride has been greatly expanded in recent years.


Silicon nitride Price

The price is influenced by many factors including the supply and demand in the market, industry trends, economic activity, market sentiment, and unexpected events.

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