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What is the Difference Between Nickel-based Alloys and Ordinary Stainless Steel

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In fact, in essence, nickel-based alloys are also a kind of stainless steel.
They are just special stainless steels. The chemical composition is also
different from ordinary stainless steel. Nickel-based alloys are high in nickel,
high chromium, and high molybdenum. A high-alloy stainless steel of high-alloy
stainless steel.


Among them, the famous steel is 6% Mo (254SMo). This steel has good local
corrosion resistance. It has good pitting corrosion resistance and better stress
corrosion resistance under the conditions of seawater, aeration, clearance and
low-speed scouring (PI≥40). It is an alternative material for nickel-based
alloys and titanium alloys. Secondly, it has excellent high temperature or high
temperature corrosion resistance or corrosion resistance. It is irreplaceable
for 304 stainless steel. In addition, from the perspective of the classification
of stainless steel, the metallographic structure of special stainless steel is a
stable austenitic metallurgical structure.

Because nickel-based alloy is a high-alloy high-performance special material,
its manufacturing process will be more complicated than ordinary stainless steel
products. At present, most of them still rely on traditional processes for
manufacturing, such as: infusion, forging, rolling and other processes.


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 China’s non-manufacturing business activity index was 48.4%, down 3.2 percentage points from the previous month. The new orders index was 45.7 percent, down 1.9 percentage points from the previous month, indicating a significant slowdown in the growth of supply and demand in the non-manufacturing sector from the previous month.   In terms of sectors, the business activity index and new order index of transportation, accommodation and catering, culture, sports and entertainment, and tourism-related industries all declined significantly from the previous month. 

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