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What is the structure of Ti3AlC2

What is Titanium Aluminum Carbide?

Titanium Aluminum Carbide (Ti3AlC2) belongs to the family of Mn+1AXn (MAX) phases with more than 80 members. These are layered, machinable, nanolaminate ternary carbides, nitrides, and borides. M is an early transition metal, A is an A-group element, mainly from groups 13–16, and X is C, N, or B. These compounds possess hexagonal crystal structures with space group P63/MMC (space group number: 194). M atoms are nearly closed-packed and intercalated with A-group atomic layers, with the X-atoms residing in the octahedral sites between the M layers. These atomic arrangements give the MAX phases an effective laminated layered structure that leads to naming the MAX phase as nanolaminates. Due to the layered structure, MAX phases possess a unique combination of metallic and ceramic properties. Metallic properties include good thermal and electrical conductivities, thermal shock resistance, damage tolerance, and machinability. Ceramic properties include low density, elastic rigidity, oxidation, creep resistance, and maintaining strength up to very high temperatures.


Ti3AlC2 exhibits a surprising combination of good properties of ceramics and metals

Ti3AlC2 exhibits a surprising combination of good properties of ceramics and metals. It is relatively soft (Vickers hardness of 3.5 GPa) and elastically stiff (Young's modulus of 297 GPa and shear modulus of 124 GPa). It is lightweight (density of 4.2 g cm−3) and easily machinable. It has good thermal and electric conductivity. Such unique properties make it with a wide variety of potential applications in high-tech fields, e.g., abrasion-resistant components, elements of chemical equipment, etc.


What is the structure of Ti3AlC2?

TiAlC is MAX Phase-like structured and crystallizes in the hexagonal P6/mmc space group. There are two inequivalent Ti sites. Ti is bonded in a 3-coordinate geometry in the first Ti site to three equivalent Al and three equivalent C atoms. All Ti–Al bond lengths are 2.89 Å. Titanium carbide is used to prepare cermets, frequently used to machine steel materials at high cutting speeds. Ti3AlC2 is a member of the vdW MAX layered material system. Like graphite and MoS2, the MAX phases are layered and have the general formula: Mn+1AXn, (MAX) where n = 1 to 3, M is an early transition metal, A is a non-metal element, and X is either carbon or nitrogen. In this case, M=Ti, A=Al, and X=C with n=3.


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