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What is zirconium hydride?

What is zirconium hydride?
The chemical formula of zirconium hydride is ZrH2, the density is 5.6g/cm3, and it decomposes before melting to generate heat of -39.7kcal/mol. Its preparation method is the same as that of titanium hydride, and the hydrogenation reaction temperature is usually 900 ℃.
How to prepare zirconium hydride?
The preparation method of zirconium hydride is the same as that of titanium hydride, and the temperature of the hydrogenation reaction is often carried out at 900°C. It is a stable powder, stable to air and water under normal conditions. It can react violently with oxidants and strong acids. It can burn smoothly when ignited. It starts to decompose at 300°C in a vacuum and completely decomposes at 500-700°C.
What is the use of zirconium hydride?
Zirconium hydride is used in industry for fireworks, fluxes, and igniting agents, as a moderator in nuclear reactors, as a getter in vacuum tubes, and also in metal-ceramic sealing.
Titanium hydride and zirconium hydride have been produced and supplied in tons in the industry, but they are mainly used for military purposes.

Preparation of Aluminum Foam with Small Pore Size by Zirconium Hydride Melt Foaming Method
Using ZrH_2 as the foaming agent, the aluminum-based small-pore aluminum foam was prepared by the melt foaming method, and the preparation process and the factors affecting the pore structure were analyzed; the process conditions for preparing the foam aluminum in the laboratory were optimized; the pattern analysis method was used to characterize the foam aluminum The pore size distribution is compared with the aluminum foam prepared by TiH_2; the wetting behavior of aluminum alloy and hydride is studied by using an improved pedestal drop device. The results show that ZrH_2 is more suitable for preparing small pore aluminum foam; the optimized process conditions are: Al 650 g, The addition amount of the tackifier Ca is 2.5%, the addition amount of the foaming agent ZrH_2 is 1.0%, the foaming temperature is 680 ℃, the stirring time is 1.5 min, and the holding time is 2.5 min; the prepared aluminum foam has a uniform pore size, and the average pore size is less than 1.5 mm; The wetting characteristic of ZrH_2 in the aluminum alloy is the main reason for the smaller pore size of aluminum foam.
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