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What should be paid attention to when handling lanthanum oxide?

The properties of lanthanum oxide
White amorphous powder. The density is 6.51g/cm3. The melting point is 2217°C. The boiling point is 4200°C. Slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in acid to generate corresponding salts. Exposure to the air easily absorbs carbon dioxide and water, and gradually turns into lanthanum carbonate. The burning lanthanum oxide combines with hydration to give off a lot of heat.

The role of lanthanum oxide
Mainly used to manufacture precision optical glass and optical fiber. Also used in the electronics industry as ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramic dopants. It is also used as a raw material for lanthanum boride and a catalyst for petroleum separation and refining.

How to handle and store lanthanum oxide powder
Operation precautions
Airtight operation, full ventilation. Operators must undergo special training and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear filter-type gas masks (half masks), safety glasses, anti-static overalls, and rubber oil-resistant gloves. Keep away from fire and heat sources, and smoking is strictly prohibited in the workplace. Use explosion-proof ventilation systems and equipment. Prevent the vapor from leaking into the air in the workplace. Avoid contact with oxidants, acids, alkalis. During filling, the flow rate should be controlled, and there should be a grounding device to prevent static electricity from accumulating. When handling, load and unload with care to prevent damage to packaging and containers. Equipped with corresponding types and quantities of fire-fighting equipment and leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be harmful residues.
Storage precautions
Polymerization inhibitors are usually added to commercial products. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. The storage temperature should not exceed 30℃. The packaging is required to be sealed and not in contact with air. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, alkalis, etc., and avoid mixed storage. Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities. It is forbidden to use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to sparks. The storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials.
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