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Why is hexagonal boron nitride used in makeup?

Boron nutride?

Boron nitride can be used as a modern synthetic ceramic material. Boron is abundant in many minerals-borax. Boron is made with nitrogen. This nitride has fire resistance. Boron is available in powdered, solid, liquid, and aerosol forms. Borion nitride in solid form can often be called “white graphite” due to its similar structure. But, unlike graphite it is an excellent electrical conductor with a higher temperature of oxidation. It is very thermally conductive and has good resistance to thermal shock. Boron nitride also exists as a polycrystalline compound. BN, an extremely useful compound has found its way into many industries and uses.

Mophology of Boron Nitride.

Hexagonal These boron nutrides have the highest applications, due to their high lubrication.

Cubic: Cubicboron Nitride is as resistant and conductive as diamond. It doesn’t disintegrate in steel so it makes a great grinding material.

. This BN-polycrystalline offers high thermal conductivity as well as increased surface adsorption.

A recent development is nanotubes. This technology was promoted by the use ofboron nitride. This hexagonal form of hexagonal BN is structurally very similar to carbon Nanotubes. BN nanotubes, however, are stronger in electrical insulation, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

Boron Nitride Ceramics Properties.

Great machinability. It can easily be machined into any kind of shape.

The possibility of wear can be reduced by lubricating oil’s friction coefficient. ).

Extremely resistive; (Excludes aerosols and paints)

Low density. It ranges from between 2.1 and 3.0g/cm3.

Good thermal conductivity.

Anisotropy (the difference in thermal conductivity between different planes relative to their pressing direction)

Chemical inertia and resistance to corrosion. Boron nitride can not be dissolved in most common acids.

Heat resistance. The melting temperature of boron-nitride at 297 degreesC is

No-wetting. This is a ceramic crucible which can be used as molten iron and glass.

Maximum dielectric breakdown potential (> 40 kV/mm).

High permittivity. (Kend4).

How are Boron Nitride Ceramics used?

Socket plate to heat the furnace.

Molten Glass and Metal Crucibles.

Electrical Insulators for High Temperature and High Voltage.

Lining and fittings for a Plasma chamber.

Nozzles designed for use with non-ferrous materials and their alloys.

Protective Tube and Sheath of the Thermocouple.

Laser bracket.

Laser arc welding equipment. Dispersive source wafers. Semiconductor crystal growth equipment.

To be used as a radiator in high power electronic applications.

Describe hexagonal bore nitride.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN), which has the same crystal structure as graphite is commonly known as “white graphite”. It is often a form of excellent oil lubricant.

Hexagonalboron-nitride provides excellent heat conductivity and chemical insulation.


When it comes to cosmetology, efficiency and permeability when active substances enter the skin are directly affected by the size of the particle.

It is possible to control the size and shape of synthesized particle by using hexagonalboron nutride (hBN). Hexagonalboronnitride, which is especially useful in cosmetics such as sunscreen, has numerous advantages. The nanomaterials allow for control of the size and shape of different phases in their formation.

Boron nitride Price

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