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Why silicon boride is resistant to chemical attack

What’s silicon Boride?

Silicon Boride

It is a black crystal with a molecularweight of 92.95. It’s a black crystal, with a relative density of 2.47. It is between ruby and diamond in hardness. It is able to conduct electricity and insoluble in water. The surface of the substance can be made oxidisable by heating it in water vapor or chlorine. The boiling of nitric acid can directly cause it to be oxidized. In molten potassium hydroxyide, it remains the same. It can be broken down by hot concentrated sulfuric acids. The preparation terms: It is capable of heating the mixture silicon-boron. This is done by decomposing silicon tribromide, B3Si (with molten potassium hydroxide), and eliminating excess silicon using hydrofluoric and nitric acids.

Primary applications for silicon Boride

You can use it as a standard abrasive and as eye film cemented carbonide. It is also possible to be used for engineering ceramic materials and sandblasting. Additionally, it is an antioxidant that can be added to refractory materials.

Silicium Boride storage and packaging

Silicon Boride can be sealed with inert-gas-filled plastic and placed in a cool, dry place. The container should not be exposed to the atmosphere as moisture or oxidation can affect the dispersion performance. Customers can specify the quantity of packaging they require, or each package can be packed separately.

Treatment and operation for silicon Boride leakage: Emergency treatment

Protective equipment should be worn by personnel for personal protection and to aid in emergency situations. Keep dust from being produced. To prevent inhalation steam, mist, and gas. Ensure adequate ventilation. Assist the personnel in moving to safe areas. You should avoid inhaling dust. You can use the following methods and materials for removing the spillage. Safe operation requires that you avoid contact with the skin and eyes. To prevent the production of dust or aerosols, Install appropriate exhaust equipment, and take general fire safety precautions in areas where dust can be generated.

Silicon Boride personal protection and contact control

Personal protection equipment: safety glasses equipped with side shields that protect the eyes meet EN166 standards. Protect your eyes with equipment approved and tested by NIOSH (USA), EN166 (EU). Use gloves must be checked prior to use. You must use the appropriate methods for removing gloves. Use the gloves with contamination carefully after removal according to applicable laws, rules, and lab procedures. Cleanse and dry your hands. Select protective gloves should comply with EU 89/686/EEC regulations as well as the EN376 standard.

Prices for silicon Boride

Price will depend on how pure and small the silicon Boride is. The purchase volume may also have an effect on its cost. Large quantities of high quality silicon Boride will result in a lower price. On our official website, you can see the price for silicon Boride.

Silicon Boride supplier

Mis-asia Technology Co. Ltd.

(Mis-asia), Luoyang City is a trustworthy and quality global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. This company is a leader in the supply of high quality chemical materials and nanotechnology materials. It boasts more than 12 year’s experience, such as silicon Boride, graphite and nitride powders, and 3D printing and pyrite powders. We are happy to provide high-quality, cost-effective silicon Boride.

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