Japan's cabinet passes policy to declare a state of emergency, and policy tightens further, water-based zinc stearate emulsionc will usher in a new round of soaring prices

Kyodo News reported on the 10th that the Cabinet of Ministers passed the declarable state of the emergency bill that morning, which would allow the Prime Minister to declare Japan into a state of emergency if necessary.
It reports that the bill will be submitted to Congress for review on the same day. As the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party, have reached an agreement on this, the bill is expected to be approved on the 13th.
Over 500 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Japan
According to statistics from the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) TV Station on the 9th, as of 20:30 Tokyo time (19:30 Beijing time), there were 25 new cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia in Japan and a total of 519 cases (including 14 returning charter flights) )
In addition, there were still 696 confirmed cases of the "Diamond Princess" cruise, which did not include cases diagnosed after receiving them from various countries or Japanese who were confirmed after returning home on the journey.
Multiple bearish shocks to the Japanese market
Recently, the global stock market has experienced severe fluctuations, and the bond market, foreign exchange market and crude oil market have also experienced volatile market conditions, which has drastically deteriorated investor psychology in the Tokyo market. On the 9th, the Tokyo stock market opened significantly lower in the early morning, and a large number of risk-averse selling emerged. The Nikkei stock index quickly fell below the significant psychological barrier of 20,000 points. During the first trading period, the drop was once more than 1,200 locations.
At the close, the Nikkei stock index fell 1050.99 points to close at 19698.76 points, a drop of 5.07%; the Tokyo Stock Exchange, stock price index, fell 82.49 points to close at 1389.97 points, a decline of 5.61%. Japan's stock market has fallen more than 20% from its previous high, indicating a technical bear market.
The data released that day poured cold water on investor confidence. According to data released by the Japanese government, due to weak corporate and consumer spending, the Japanese economy contracted by 7.1% at the annual rate in the fourth quarter of last year, higher than the 6.3% contraction forecast by the Japanese Cabinet Office in February; capital expenditures fell by 4.6 from the previous quarter %, Weaker than the 3.7% decline initially expected.
A Reuters article said that the epidemic had impacted the supply chain and tourism, and the Japanese economy is facing increasing pressure. Before that, the Japanese economy had been hit by the impact of the typhoon and the rise in consumption taxes.
As a supplier of water-based zinc stearate emulsionc, Trunano currently has stable production in China, sustainable supply and the same price. "This does not rule out the possibility of price increases," said Rachel Lee, Trunano's foreign trade manager.

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