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Bi2S3 powder main application

Bi2S3 powder background and overview 
Chemical formula Bi2S3.The molecular weight is 514.15. Yellowish-brown powder or crystal.The proportion of 7.39.685 ℃ decomposition.Insoluble in water, ethyl acetate, soluble in nitric acid, hydrochloric acid. Bismuth metal and sulfur melted together or hydrogen sulfide into bismuth salt solution prepared. A compound used to make bismuth. Bismuth sulfide is an important semiconductor material. Its application in photoelectric devices and thermoelectric devices has brought great convenience to human beings. Nano-bismuth sulfide makes its various properties more optimized because the properties of nanomaterials largely depend on the morphology of nanomaterials, so it is of substantial significance to synthesize more bismuth sulfide nanostructures with special morphology. In addition, currently commonly used synthetic methods have disadvantages such as high cost, complex equipment, environmental pollution, and impure products. It is a key direction of future research to improve the existing methods or develop more energy saving, safe, environmental protection, and simple synthetic methods.

Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 Powder CAS 1345-07-9

Bi2S3 Powder structure
Bi2S3 has a special lamellar structure and weak bonds between lamellar units, resulting in anisotropy of Bi2S3 growth and the growth of crystal nuclei into tiny lamellar crystals during solvothermal synthesis and hydrothermal synthesis. At relatively low temperatures, the crystal growth rate of the reactants is faster than the nucleation rate, which is conducive to the growth of Bi2S3 into nanosheets in solvents with high viscosity and high surface tension. The powders synthesized in distilled water and distilled water-glycol (2:1) with high viscosity and high surface tension are favorable for the formation of nanosheet structures. However, the surface tension energy and viscosity between Bi2S3 and DMF are relatively low, which is conducive to strengthening the chemical force between the S-Bi bond in the chain. According to the PBC theory of crystal growth, the growth of Bi2S3 crystal has the fastest growth rate along the direction of the bond chain with the strongest force, which ultimately leads to the formation of Bi2S3 nanorods. In conclusion, it can be inferred that the surface tension energy between Bi2S3 and distilled water and distilled water-glycol is higher than that between Bi2S3 and DMF. Solvents with high surface tension and high viscosity were favorable for the formation of nanosheets (FIG. 2A, 2B), while solvents with low viscosity and low surface tension were favorable for the formation of rod-like structures (FIG. 2C, 2D).
Bi2S3 Powder Supplier
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