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High conductivity ultrafine zirconium boride nanoparticles were prepared by solid phase synthesis at low temperature

What is Zirconium boride?
Zirconium boride is a common material in borides, and there are three kinds of zirconium boride in the boron-zirconium system, respectively, zirconium boride, zirconium diboride (ZrB2), and zirconium twelve boride (ZrB12). However, due to the good stability of zirconium diboride in a wide temperature range, So the industrial production of zirconium boride is mostly zirconium diboride as the main component.
Multifunctional materials have high electrical conductivity and strong chemical adsorption capacity, and can directionally catalyze the electrochemical conversion of polysulfide lithium. Therefore, reasonable design is considered to be an effective strategy to solve the "shuttle effect" of lithium batteries. On this basis, ultrafine zirconium boride (ZrB2) nanoparticles with high conductivity were prepared by solid-state synthesis at low temperatures and used as sulfur carrier materials. The resulting ZrB2/ n-doped graphene /S(defined as "ZrB2/NG/S") cathode was stably operated 135 times at 20℃ with a capacity of about 400 mAh g−1. It is worth noting that the long cycle performance has reached a 0.02% decay rate for the lower cycle at 4000 cycles at 5 C.In addition, the cathode design provides an area capacity of 6.43 mAh cm −2 at a high sulfur load (7.77 mg cm −2) of lean electrolyte at 1 C. Through kinetic analysis, deposition/dissolution of Li2S, in-situ XRD, and density functional theory, the successfully assembled bag battery has a high capacity.ZrB2 matrix composites have a high potential for practical application due to their high electrical conductivity, enhanced adsorption, and bifunctional catalytic capacity.

Zirconium Diboride ZrB2 Powder CAS 12045-64-6

Properties of zirconium diboride ceramic materials
Zirconium diboride has a very high melting point, strength, hardness, and conductivity (with positive conductivity and temperature coefficient), as well as a low coefficient of thermal expansion, good electrical conductivity, and chemical stability.
Preparation of zirconium diboride ceramic materials
① Preparation of ZrB2 powder
ZrB2 powder is prepared by boriding zirconium or high oxide. The traditional synthesis method is to realize the carbon reduction process of oxide in a high-temperature induction furnace or resistance furnace. This method has a simple process, but the general temperature is high (about 1800℃), the purity of the synthesized powder is low, the average particle size is relatively large, and the sintering activity is poor. Nowadays, the carbon thermal reduction method, high-temperature self-spreading method, mechanical alloying method, ceramic pre body cracking method, liquid phase method, and so on are widely used.
② The forming method of ZrB2 ceramics
There are many molding methods of ZrB2, such as isostatic molding, dry pressing molding, grouting molding, injection condensation type. People can choose different molding methods according to their own needs and actual conditions. To improve the density of products and reduce the sintering temperature, people mostly use hot pressing sintering, which is a process of molding and sintering at the same time, but only simple shape ZrB2 ceramic products can be obtained.
③ Sintering method of ZrB2 ceramics
The traditional sintering methods of ZrB2 materials are press-free sintering and hot pressing sintering, while the new sintering methods include in-situ reaction hot pressing, high-temperature self-spreading sintering, and discharge plasma sintering.
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