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What is nano-diamond?

The manufacture of nano-diamond, especially its application, has become a hot research topic in recent years.
Nanodiamond has been developed more than 30 years ago, but its application in the past is limited to making polycrystalline, polishing agents, and other abrasives. With the deepening of people's understanding of the properties of nano-diamond, nano-diamond has been applied in lubricating oil, metal coating, magnetic recording system, medicine, and other fields, and the application field is still expanding.
According to the materials published by Russian nanodiamond expert Valili Yuriyevich Dormatov, the application of nanodiamond is briefly introduced:
Nano-diamond in lubricating oil can prolong the working life of the engine and transmission device, save fuel oil, reduce friction torque by 20 ~ 40%, and reduce friction surface wear by 30 ~ 40%.
The service life of plated attached parts is increased by 1 ~ 9 times. The coating thickness can be reduced 1 ~ 2 times. Standard electroplating equipment is used for electroplating.

Nano Diamond Powder CAS 7782-40-3

Nano-diamond materials properties and applications
Nanodiamond and block diamond has some common excellent properties, such as good wear resistance, thermal conductivity, etc., often used as metal, rubber, plastic, glass and other materials coating, lubricating oil additives, fine processing grinding materials, etc.Coating nano-diamond particles on the surface of the material can improve the wear resistance of the material significantly. The surface roughness of optical components can be effectively reduced to 0.2 nm max by using nano-diamond particles for fine polishing. The team of Steven Chu and Yi Cui of Stanford University used the high mechanical strength and tight structure of nano-diamond to inhibit the dendrite growth in lithium battery and construct a stable metal lithium interface, which ensured the stable operation of lithium battery. Finland Carbodeon incorporated nano-diamond particles into thermoplastic materials, to improve the thermal conductivity of thermal composites and ensure that materials can work stably at relatively low temperatures. In addition, nano-diamond materials also have some excellent properties that are different from and better than bulk diamond materials, including optical, electrical, and mechanical properties, which make them show a good application prospect in cold cathode field emission, electrochemical electrode, optical window, quantum communication, drug transport, and other aspects. The comparison of properties between nanodiamond and micron diamond is summarized in Table 2. The excellent properties and applications of nanodiamond in various aspects will be introduced in detail in this paper.
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