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Antimony tin oxide powder properties and application

The attractive characteristics of nanomaterials in structure, photoelectric and chemical properties have aroused the interest of physicists, materials scientists, and chemists. Since the formation of the concept of nanomaterials in the early 1980s, the world has paid great attention to this material. Its unique physical and chemical properties make people realize that its development may bring new opportunities to the research of physics, chemistry, materials, biology, medicine, and other disciplines. The application prospect of nanomaterials is very broad. In recent years, it has also been used in the field of chemical production and shows its unique charm.
Due to the particularity of their surface and structure, nanomaterials have excellent properties that are difficult to be obtained by ordinary materials, showing strong vitality. Surface coating technology is also the focus of the world today. Nanomaterials provide a good opportunity for surface coating and make the functionalization of materials have a great possibility. With the help of traditional coating technology, adding nanomaterials, a nano-composite coating system can be obtained to achieve a functional leap, making the traditional coating functional modification. The coating can be divided into the structural coating and functional coating according to its use. Structural coating refers to coating to improve some properties of the matrix and modification; Functional coating is to give the matrix does not have the performance, to obtain the traditional coating does not have the function. The functional coating has extinction, light reflection, light selective absorption of the optical coating, electrical conductivity, insulation, semiconductor characteristics of the electrical coating, oxygen-sensitive, moisture sensitive, gas-sensitive characteristics of the coating. Adding appropriate nanomaterials into building materials such as glass and paint can reduce the transmission of light and heat transfer, and produce heat insulation and flame retardant effects. These are characteristic of semiconductor oxide nanoparticles, at room temperature is higher than the conventional oxide of electrical conductivity, and thus can have electrostatic shielding effect, and the color of the oxide nanoparticles, such can also through the composite control of electrostatic shielding coating color, overcome the carbon black electrostatic shielding coating monotonicity of only a single color. Nano-coating has a good application prospect, which will bring a new technological revolution for coating technology and promote the research, development, and application of composite materials.

Antimony Tin Oxide ATO Powder CAS 128221-48-7

Domestic and foreign products comparison
Domestic production of ATO products more, mostly for the production of powder, and to produce micron or several hundred nanosize powders, but the production of 35 nano manufacturers are very few, the production of nano sol is even less, and more uneven or incomplete dispersion, easy to precipitate, affect the use effect.
In the international high-end field of ATO powder and sol manufacturers to the UK keeling walker (Keeling&Walker) as the monopoly position, its ATO sol in 0.4 to 0.6-micron quartz, corning 1737 and hawk 2000 LCD screen use effect is very ideal. However, as it is imported, the price is slightly higher than that of domestic ATO.
Antimony tin oxide powder Supplier
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