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Calcium hydride and its precautions

What’s Calcium Hydride?

Calcium hydroide

This inorganic compound has the chemical formula CaH2 and a molecularweight of 42.10. These grayish-white crystals are easily deliquescent and can be used to make lumps or reducing agents. This crystal is also known as an colorless orthorhombic one. Many industrial products can be found in gray or orthorhombic powder. The crystal is very sensitive to humidity. Although it is not able to react at room temperature with nitrogen or dry air, nor with chlorine, it can at high temperatures react with these gases to create calcium oxide, calcium nutride and calcium chloride. Water can also react with it to produce hydrogen and decompose it. To produce hydrogen and calcium, it can also react to ethanol. This reduces metal oxides more than lithium hydride and sodium hydride.

What is the health risk of calcium hydride?

Human mucous membranes, the upper respiratory tract, skin and eyes can all be affected by calcium hydroide. It can also cause respiratory problems such as spasm, inflammation and larynx edema. Contact can lead to a burning sensation, nausea, vomiting and wheezing.

Protection measures to protect calcium hydride

Protection for your respiratory health: You should use a respirator that is dustproof and has an air supply filter. If you are unable to breathe, you can use self-contained respirators.

Protect your eyes with respiratory protection.

Wear chemical protective clothing to protect your body.

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands

Others: No smoking is allowed at the workplace. Take care of your personal hygiene.

What do you do if calcium hydride accidentally gets in my eyes?

Skin contact: Remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible and wash off with lots of running water. Seek medical attention.

Eye contact: Pull the upper eyelid upwards and rinse off with warm water. Seek medical attention.

You can inhale: Quickly move on to somewhere with fresh air. You should keep your airway open. If it is hard to breathe, you can give oxygen. Give artificial respiration immediately if your breathing is difficult. Seek medical attention.

Drinking: If your mistake is to ingest milk, or egg whites, rinse your mouth and wash off with hot water. Seek medical attention.

What should you do if calcium hydroide leaked?

You should isolate the affected area, and limit access. You must cut the source of fire. The best emergency responders should use self-contained breathing equipment and acid-alkali-proof overalls. Don’t touch any leakage. If there is a little leakage, avoid touching it. Place the container in a safe area. For large amounts of leakage, you can cover it with plastic sheet or canvas in order to minimize scattering. To determine how to remove it, please contact the appropriate technical department.

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