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Graphite in the Upper Midwest

What is Graphite?

Graphite is a dark gray to black, soft, shiny metallic mineral with a distinctive greasy feeling. One of the Earth's softest minerals, Graphite will easily leave marks on paper, which is why it is used for fine artist pencils. Even modern pencil 'lead' is composed of Graphite mixed with clay. Paradoxically, even though Graphite is soft enough for drawing and as a lubricant, it is also strong enough to be used in refining furnaces, brake linings and to create expensive lightweight sports equipment. Even more surprising, this versatile mineral was originally living organic material (usually plants) that was altered to form Graphite as sedimentary deposits were metamorphosed.


Graphite forms from the alteration of organic material during metamorphism

Although Graphite and diamond may appear to have little in common with one another, the two minerals are polymorphs. Polymorphs are minerals with the same chemical composition (in this case, carbon) but different crystal structures. Although Graphite and diamond have the same chemical composition, their different crystal structures give them very different physical characteristics. For example, diamond is one of the hardest known substances, while Graphite is one of the softest. Diamonds are typically clear, make excellent abrasives, and are good electrical insulators.

In contrast, Graphite is opaque and used as a lubricant and a good electrical conductor. The two minerals form under very different circumstances but can be converted into one another. Natural diamonds form deep within the Earth and are rarely brought to the surface by volcanic activity, hence their high economic value. Graphite forms close to the Earth's surface, usually as an alteration of organic carbon during burial, and is the stable polymorph at Earth's surface conditions. However, diamonds are stable enough that their transformation into Graphite takes place extremely slowly, so you shouldn't have any fears about your diamond jewelry. As mentioned, graphite forms from the alteration of organic material during metamorphism. Recently some businesses have offered to go one step beyond this natural process. For a fee, you can now arrange to have your remains or those of a loved one, turned into diamonds as a keepsake or family heirloom.


Graphite in the Upper Midwest

Although Graphite can be found in several northern and central Minnesota areas, including Crow Wing, Cass, and Morrison Counties, most Minnesota and Wisconsin graphite occurs as very fine-grained sooty material disseminated through metamorphic rock. Concentrated Graphite is rare in the Upper Midwest.


Price of Graphite

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Graphite supplier

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