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Molybdenum disulfide nanoelectromechanical system: ultra-thin, ultra-small, ultra-low power consumption

Graphene, a common two-dimensional material has been extensively used in many industries and scientific communities. How do you define a two-dimensional substance? The two-dimensional material is a material in which electrons are able to move freely on non-nanoscale (0-100 nm) in 2 dimensions. This includes graphene and boron, as well as transition metal compounds (disulfide), Molybdenum.

2D materials have many possible applications. This combination of introductions from the authors gives examples such as spintronics (printed electronics), flexible electronics, and memory, processors. , quantum dots, sensors, semiconductor manufacturing, NFC, medical, etc.

Molybdenum disulfide, also known as MoS2, is another two-dimensional common material that deserves our attention. Molybdenum dioxide is made up of two molybdenum-sulfur atoms and one sulfur atom. The resulting thinness of the material is only three. Similar to graphene, the thinness of molybdenum is nearly identical. However, graphene doesn’t have a broad band gap. Molybdenum has a band Gap of 1.8 eV. According to this author, the Berkeley Lab of the US Department of Energy, has previously measured the band gaps of semiconductor molybdenum-disulfide (MoS2) and revealed an impressive The tuning mechanism as well as the relationship between optical and electronic properties of a two dimensional material.

Additionally, molybdenum sulfide’s electron mobility is 100 cm 2/vs. This means that 100 electrons are per square centimeter of volt. However, this electron mobility is still lower than crystal. While silicon’s electron transfer rate is 1400 cm2/vs (or about 100 electrons per square centimeter per volt), it has a faster migration rate that amorphous and ultra-thin semi-conductors.

Molybdenum dioxide is especially well-suited for use in flexible electronics, transistors, solar cells and LEDs. This is due to its outstanding semiconductor properties, tiny size and ultra-thinness.

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