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Precautions for import and export commodity inspection and a freight forwarder

In international trade, the indirect and local inspection of import and export commodities is closely related to the vital interests of buyers and sellers, as it involves inspection rights, inspection agencies and related claims.

According to international practice, the inspection time and place of import and export commodities generally have the following three practices:

1. Subject to offshore quality and quantity. That is, before shipment at the port of shipment, the seller applies for an inspection agency to inspect the quality and quantity (weight) of the exported goods, and the inspection certificate issued after inspection is used as the final basis for the quality and quantity (weight) of the goods. In this practice, the buyer has no right to reexamine the goods, i.e., no right to make a claim.

2. Subject to landed quality and quantity. After the goods are transported to the port of destination, the inspection certificate issued by the local inspection agency is the final basis, if the quality, quantity (weight) are not consistent with the provisions of the contract, the buyer submits a claim to the seller on the basis of the inspection certificate, unless the above discrepancy is the responsibility of the carrier or the insurer, the seller generally cannot refuse to settle the claim.

3. The buyer has the right to re-inspect. The inspection certificate that the seller inspects before shipment is not the final basis but the basis for delivery. The goods arrive at the destination. The buyer is allowed to re-inspect. Suppose it is found that the quality and quantity (weight) of the goods received is inconsistent with the contract’s provisions. In that case, it is the seller’s responsibility. The claim can be filed against the seller based on the inspection certificate. This approach balances the interests of both buyers and sellers.

Internationally, the institutions responsible for the inspection and appraisal of import and export commodities include official institutions set up by the national government and non-governmental inspection agencies and inspections carried out by the producers. Their background, ability, technology, and reputation are different, so it is necessary for the buyer and seller to jointly select an inspection agency agreed by both parties, and stipulate in the contract that its inspection certificate can be accepted by both parties.

Factors affecting freight forwarder a freight forwarder Freight transportation

In international freight transport, one of the most concerning issues is the price of freight transport. The cost is directly related to the cost of transportation. Because many exporters do not understand the price of transportation very much, and often have a lot of extra spending, then today to understand the factors of the price of international freight transportation?

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The transportation prices are different for different a freight forwarder

In the general international trade process, the price of transport according to different modes of transport, price is also different. International freight rates are divided into sea freight, air freight and rail freight.

The specific a freight forwarder freight rate can also be subdivided. For example, rail freight can be divided into passenger freight and freight. Shipping rates are also divided into tramp rates and liner rates. Tramp rates are also affected by market supply and demand relations at that time, while liner transport costs are relatively fixed. Airfreight can be divided into general goods, designated goods and special goods, and the specific transportation price is also determined according to the weight of transportation, at the same time, even if the volume is small, the weight is also counted by weight, but if the opposite is large, small weight, also according to the specific volume to calculate.

The choice of international logistics, the quality of logistics will affect the seller’s store score, but also affect customer satisfaction rate.

Logistics advantages of the a freight forwarder in the destination country and region

In Eastern Europe, DHL has advantages in Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary and other places while EMS has advantages in Greece, Russia, Turkey and other places. Western Europe, Northern Europe, southern Europe can use DHL international express, TNT international express, these two kinds of customs clearance capacity. TNT has a clear advantage in the Netherlands and Belgium.

For Canada, the United States and other American countries, FedEx, UPS and DHL are all suitable for their strong customs clearance capacity and fast time.

Applicable to Asia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries DHL, FedEx. DHL and FedEx are time-saving, but THE price of DHL is higher. Indonesia also suggests USING DHL because it has a stronger customs clearance capacity.

In Oceania, DHL and UPS aging fast, with high prices; TNT and FedEx have lower prices but relatively few outlets. Particular attention should be paid to the “Made in China” label on the packaging of Australian products.

Middle East express ARAMEX, EMS for Middle East region. Commercial express in Africa is very expensive. In remote areas, IT is suggested to send EMS international express. EMS countries have the strongest customs clearance capacity. The air express a freight forwarder can reach many countries and regions that commercial express and postal express cannot reach, so the wide range of a freight forwarder transportation is its advantage.

Factors affecting the shipping price of a freight forwarder

In the process of international transportation, there are many factors affecting the price of transportation, in addition to some fuel and labor costs, there are many important factors. For example, the nature of the a freight forwarder, its own value and packaging form, as well as stowage factor and transporter’s requirements for transportation, etc. There will be some fixed costs during the use of the ship, such as the ship’s maintenance insurance and fuel consumption. There is also the change of supply and demand in the a freight forwarder market. In the transport off-season, transport prices are relatively low, in the transport of the peak season, transport prices will be relatively high.

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