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The most common use for silicon nitride wafers is in hard masks

What is Silicon nitrides?

Silicon nitrides (Si3N4) feature an excellent combination of material properties. The microstructure consists of elongated crystals that interlock into micro-rods. One application where this combination of properties has proven particularly useful is the machining of gray cast iron or cast iron with ceramic inserts. The combination of good tribological properties and excellent fracture toughness makes silicon nitride ceramics predestined for applications as balls and rolling elements for light and extremely precise bearings, heavy-duty ceramic forming tools, and automotive components subject to high stress. And good thermal shock resistance and high-temperature resistance are exploited in welding processes.


What Are Silicon Nitride (SiN) Wafer Uses

Silicon nitride is the top layer of semiconductors and can be used as an etch mask. The material has dielectric properties and is highly sensitive to oxidation, especially when in contact with an aqueous solution. The surface of silicon nitride wafers has a high zeta potential, meaning it can be easily oxidized. Various methods, including PECVD, low-pressure CVD, and LPCVD, can produce silicon nitride wafers. The process produces a high-purity film covering both sides of the wafer. The resulting film is highly resistant to heat, oxidation, and mechanical shock. Silicon nitride layers are highly resistant to heat and oxidation and have many applications in micro-mechanics and micro-electronics.


The most common use for silicon nitride wafers is in hard masks

The most common use for silicon nitride wafers is in hard masks. These films are particularly useful for sensitive circuits. They are incredibly hard and can be used in various applications. Because of their high thermal and oxidation resistance are often applied to both sides of a wafer. This enables them to be used in many different fields. Because of the high purity of silicon nitride film, silicon nitride wafers are ideal for photonic devices. Their excellent electrical and thermal properties make them an excellent choice for photovoltaic applications. While these materials are not yet used in mass production, they are used in many industries. They are mainly used in electronics because of their high thermal and electrical stability.


Price of Silicon nitrides

Silicon nitrides particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Silicon nitrides. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Silicon nitrides is on our company's official website.


Silicon nitrides supplier

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