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The Sophistication of Ceramic Science Through Silicon Nitride Studies

What is Silicon nitride?

Silicon nitride offers high wear resistance, strength, rigidity, extremely high abrasion resistance, and good friction characteristics combined with high resistance to temperature and corrosion, making it ideal as a ceramic roller bearing material for hybrid roller bearings. SiN components have good dry-running properties in hybrid storage applications and are often used in low-maintenance and maintenance-free assemblies. However, it's also ideally suited for use with media lubrication. In power generation, vehicle production, and chemical process engineering industries, fast-rotating machine components are subjected to the highest mechanical continuous loads and under changing operating temperatures. In this environment, materials that are highly resilient and corrosion-resistant over the long term are required for continuous use with long service lives.


The Sophistication of Ceramic Science Through Silicon Nitride Studies

The historical understanding of polyphase silicon nitride, abbreviated as SiN, has been a multidisciplinary effort that contributed to the sophistication of Ceramic Science over the last 50 years. This understanding and the development of SiN leading to significantly improved properties has been linked by uncovering relations between phase equilibrium, processing science, microstructural development, and properties. The understanding of how to represent phase relations between Si3N4, other phases, eutectics, and other essential constituents in different Si-N-O-M systems was pioneered by Günter Petzow, his students, post-docs, and co-workers at the Max-Planck-Institut fur Metallforschung in Stüttgart. It will be seen that this representation was one key to unlocking the understanding of SiN properties as related to composition and its development into one of the modern ceramics of today. Major events and discoveries concerning these silicon nitride materials will be reviewed concerning significant contributors to its science and technology.


Silicon Nitride in Silicon Photonics

The silicon nitride planar waveguide platform has enabled a broad class of low-loss planar-integrated devices and chip-scale solutions that benefit from transparency over a wide wavelength range and fabrication using wafer-scale processes. As a complimentary platform to silicon-on-insulator and III-V photonics, Si 3 N 4 waveguide technology opens up a new generation of system-on-chip applications not achievable with the other platforms alone. The availability of low-loss waveguides (<;1 dB/m) that can handle high optical power can be engineered for linear and nonlinear optical functions, and that support a variety of passive and active building blocks opens new avenues for system-on-chip implementations. As signal bandwidth and data rates continue to increase, the optical circuit functions and complexity made possible with Si 3 N 4 have expanded the practical application of optical signal processing functions that can reduce energy consumption, size, and cost over today's digital electronic solutions. Researchers have pushed the performance of photonic-integrated components beyond other integrated platforms, including ultrahigh Q resonators, optical filters, highly coherent lasers, optical signal processing circuits, nonlinear optical devices, frequency comb generators, and biophotonic system-on-chip. This review paper covers the history of low-loss Si 3 N 4 waveguide technology, a survey of worldwide research in various devices and applications, and the status of Si 3 N 4 foundries.


Price of Silicon nitride

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