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Why does tin antimony oxide conduct electricity so well

What is tin antimony oxide?

Tin Antimony Oxide, also known as antimony tin oxide, antimony tin oxide, or ATO(Antimony Tin Oxide). It is a non-resistance transparent conductive material in the field of semiconductors, which can be applied to all kinds of glass, plastics and resins to play a transparent, conductive, antistatic radiation, ultraviolet and infrared insulation. Stann-antimony oxide conducting nanomaterials have broad application prospects in many fields due to their high conductivity and light-coloured transparency. They are a new type of functional material that has developed rapidly in recent years.


ATO powder antistatic paint

The key to adding nano ATO powder directly during fibre spinning is the compatibility between inorganic nano ATO and fibre materials, which requires special dispersing agents. Nano ATO or textile additives are added to the dyeing process of raw materials (such as wool strips and polyester silk) so that dyeing and functionalization can be completed in one step. Nano ATO textile additives are added during the dyeing or finishing of grey fabric. A conductive ATO is made into a plastic additive or a plastic conductive masterbatch into a conductive plastic. If the ATO particles are large, it will negatively impact the production of conductive plastics. Therefore, ATO raw materials with the smallest particle size are needed.


The invention relates to a preparation method of tin oxide antimony conductive nanomaterial

The methanol solution of stannous chloride and antimony trichloride was added to the oxalic acid aqueous solution, and the reaction was carried out under constant temperature and stirring condition until the precursor precipitated, filtered, washed, dried, and then heat treated in a Muffle furnace to obtain the stand-antimony oxide conducting nanomaterials. The invention has the advantages of a simple and convenient process, high purity, low impurity content, low preparation cost, and excellent performance. It can be used for industrial batch production. The tin oxide antimony conducting nanomaterial prepared by the invention has good conductivity, heat insulation, transparency and other properties. It can be applied to plastics, transparent coatings and various resins to play the role of transparency, heat insulation, antistatic, etc.


Price of tin antimony oxide

Tin antimony oxide particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Tin antimony oxide. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of tin antimony oxide is on our company's official website.


Tin antimony oxide supplier

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