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What is the Special Properties of Nitinol

Risk aversion plunged on the positive news of the Russia-Ukraine talks. After several days of rising oil prices, the price of precious metals continued to fall. Domestic futures markets remain stable for the time being.

Back in international markets, WTI crude futures briefly dipped below $100 a barrel, while Brent crude hit its lowest intraday level in nearly two weeks. Spot gold briefly fell below $1,900 an ounce. Comex gold futures closed down 1.1 percent at $1,918.4 an ounce. Comex silver futures closed down 1.14 percent at $24.91 an ounce. “Recently, crude oil prices have been extremely sensitive to changes in geopolitical news.” Traders believe that the current oil price is still in the broad impact, Ukraine will still be a premium in the case, although the market further decline, but should not be too pessimistic, it is recommended to wait and see for the time being. The Ukrainian premium is still there and there will be some volatility in the Nitinol market.

What is Nitinol?

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy, which is a special alloy that can
automatically restore its own plastic deformation to its original shape at a
certain temperature. Its expansion rate is more than 20%, its fatigue life is up
to 1*10 to the 7th power, its damping characteristics are 10 times higher than
that of ordinary springs, and its corrosion resistance is better than the
current best medical stainless steel, so it can meet various engineering and It
is a very excellent functional material for medical application

In addition to its unique shape memory function, memory alloys also have
excellent characteristics such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high
damping and superelasticity.

Special properties of Nitinol

Shape memory: When the parent phase of a certain shape is cooled from above
the Af temperature to below the Mf temperature to form martensite, the
martensite is deformed at a temperature below Mf, and heated to below the Af
temperature, accompanied by reversal. Phase transition, the material will
automatically return to its shape in the parent phase. In fact, the shape memory
effect is a thermally induced phase transformation process in Nitinol.

Superelasticity The so-called superelasticity refers to the phenomenon that
the specimen produces a strain far greater than the elastic limit strain under
the action of external force, and the strain can automatically recover when
unloaded. That is, in the state of the parent phase, due to the action of
external stress, the stress-induced martensitic transformation occurs, so that
the alloy exhibits mechanical behavior different from ordinary materials. Its
elastic limit is much larger than that of ordinary materials, and it no longer
obeys Gram’s Law. In contrast to shape memory properties, superelasticity has no
thermal involvement. All in all, hyperelasticity means that the stress does not
increase with the increase of strain within a certain deformation range, and
hyperelasticity can be divided into linear hyperelasticity and nonlinear

In the former stress-strain curve, the relationship between
stress and strain is close to linear. Nonlinear superelasticity refers to the
result of stress-induced martensitic transformation and its inverse
transformation during loading and unloading in a certain temperature range above
Af, so nonlinear hyperelasticity is also called transformation pseudoelasticity.
The phase transformation pseudoelasticity of Nitinol can reach about 8%. The
superelasticity of Nitinol can vary with the heat treatment conditions, and when
the archwire is heated above 400ºC, the superelasticity begins to decrease.

Corrosion resistance: Studies have shown that the corrosion resistance of
nickel-titanium wire is similar to that of stainless steel wire


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Southern Copper Corp (SCCO.N) recently said its Peruvian mine remained closed after a six-week standoff with protesters and blamed the Peruvian government for failing to intervene in the safety of its 1,300 workers and their families.  

The company said in a statement that a recent agreement to end protests at the Cuajone mine required the company to withdraw complaints against protest leaders because railways transporting minerals and supplies remained blocked. Production has been suspended since the end of February.  

Peru's Energy Ministry said in a separate statement that it had also reached an agreement with Southern Copper to start talks to find common ground with local communities.  

"If we shut down for a year, the government will stop receiving more than 3.1 billion soles ($830 million) in taxes and royalties, and 8,000 direct and indirect jobs will be lost. This is what we want to avoid, "Southern Copper added in the statement.

Peru has faced a wave of protests from indigenous communities, who accuse mining companies of not providing enough jobs and funding to poor local residents.  

Central bank officials said last week that protests against copper mines such as MMG's Las Bambas and Southern Copper's Cuajone were dragging down the economy.  

Peru is the world's second-largest copper producer and mining is an important source of tax revenue for the country. It is estimated that the supply and prices of the Nitinol will be influenced by that.

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