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What is the use of nickel hydroxide? How much do you know about nickel hydroxide?

Overview of nickel hydroxide
The chemical formula of nickel hydroxide is Ni(OH)2, NiO·xH2O. Green hexagonal crystal. Slightly soluble in water, soluble in acid and ammonia, but insoluble in liquid ammonia. Slowly dehydrated to 230°C when heated, most of it becomes nickel oxide (II), and red heat is required for complete dehydration. It can't be oxidized in air or hydrogen peroxide, but nickel hydroxide (III) is easily formed in ozone. It can be oxidized by chlorine and bromine under alkaline conditions, but cannot be oxidized by iodine. It can be obtained by adding potassium hydroxide to nickel nitrate or hexaammine nickel (II) nitrate solution and used as an oxidation catalyst.


Properties of nickel hydroxide
Light green crystalline powder, relative density 4.15. Melting point 230°C (decomposition). Soluble in acids, insoluble in water and alkali, soluble in ammonia and ammonium salt aqueous solution to form complexes, and decompose when heated. Purpose: Raw material of nickel salt, alkaline storage battery, electroplating, catalyst. Uses: Used in the production of alkaline storage batteries, nickel plating, etc. Used in the production of nickel salts, alkaline storage batteries, nickel plating, etc. It can be used in the production of nickel salts, alkaline storage batteries, and nickel plating. Production method In the nickel salt method, nickel salt solutions such as nickel sulfate solution and sodium hydroxide solution are reacted to obtain nickel hydroxide products through crystallization and separation. Its chemical formula is NiSO4+2NaOH→Ni(OH)2+Na2SO4.
Uses of nickel hydroxide
1. Raw material for making nickel salt, electroplating nickel;
2. Used to make alkaline storage batteries, catalysts, etc.
The stability of nickel hydroxide
At a certain temperature, it can be oxidized by bromine water, chlorine water, sodium hypochlorite, etc. to produce black nickel oxyhydroxide NiO(OH). Non-combustible and highly irritating. It decomposes into NiO and H2O at 230°C. Soluble in ammonia, ethylenediamine, and acid. It can be used to prepare nickel salt, alkaline storage batteries, and nickel plating, etc., and can also be used as a catalyst.
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