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What material is Vanadium carbide?

What’s VN powder?

Vanadium carbonide has 2 crystal structures. First, V3N is a hexagonal crystal structure. This crystal structure exhibits an extreme high hardness and microhardness. Unmeasurable melting points. Second, VN is a density 613.95. A face-centered cubic crystal crystal structure gives it a microhardness and melting point of approximately 1520HV. Each has high wear resistance. Take the example of the construction industry. The vanadium/nitrogen alloying technique produces a three-grade of steel bar that not only increases the safety of buildings and resists earthquakes but also helps to save 10% – 15% steel. The reduction of these steel bars can result in a saving of approximately 7.5million tons, 12.4million tonnes iron concentrate, 6.6million tons of coal and 3.3million tons of associated auxiliary materials each year in China. The carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions from the atmosphere are also greatly decreased, which has double the benefits of resource conservation as well as environmental protection.

Vanadium caride uses

Vanadium-nitride makes steelmaking more efficient than the high vanadium ferrous additive. As an additive to vanadium, vanadium-nitride’s nitrogen can stimulate vanadium precipitation and finen the precipitation particles. This improves steel’s weldability, formability, and formability. To produce semiconductor films that are wear resistant and durable, they can also be used as raw material for cemented caride. The new, efficient vanadium-alloy additive is capable of producing high-strength and low-alloy steel products like high-strength steel bars, non-quenched tempered steel, highspeed tool steel, or high-strength steel pipeline. Vanadium/nitrogen alloy is able to strengthen and refine grain better than ferrovanadium. It can also save 30 – 50% vanadium and significantly improve steel strength. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy is used often as a raw material for cemented carbide in order to create wear-resistant and semiconductor films.
Addition of vanadium nutride to steel may improve steel’s mechanical properties such as toughness, strength and thermal fatigue resistance.
Addition of vanadium-nitrogen alloy can reduce costs by saving 30-40% on vanadium additon. The vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used for structural steel, pipe and tool steel, as well as cast iron.
High-strength high-alloy steels can be made from vanadium/nitrogen alloy. It is capable of simultaneously carrying out vanadium and microalloying.

VN powder has chemical properties

It is a black cubic crystal. It is made up of 19.08% carbon. It’s melting point is 2810; its boiling point 3900 and relative density 5.77. You can dissolve it in water, acidic cold, acidic hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. It can also be melted using potassium nitrate. Chemical corrosion is not possible because of its chemical properties.

VN powder price

VN powder market prices are affected by many variables. The market price of VN powder is changing rapidly at the moment. You can contact us anytime if you require it.

VN powder supplier

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